Spiders, Pumpkins, and Ghosts OH MY!

Some may say that two Halloween posts back to back could be considered "taking things too far".

I say you should not be friends with those people. JK!

Tablescapes & party planning are one thing, but then there's the rest of your home. How do you spice up your home for Halloween without spending a fortune?! We've got you covered! 

From haunting pillows to chilling pumpkins, we have put together our Halloween "must haves" for this year's most daring Halloween yet!

Halloween is such a fun season to decorate for because pretty much anything is fair game. Halloween decor isn't about how pretty or bright that throw is. You can put things on your couch, in your bathroom, on your built-in's that would otherwise NEVER see the light of day. A jar full of spiders? Fair game. Covering your front porch in creepy lanterns & pumpkins? Fair game. Literally, all bets are off for Halloween so have fun with it! 


*Also a note for all my Jesus sisters out there who are flipping their lids because I'm "celebrating Halloween", I get it. It's a pagan holiday and it worships Satan, etc. etc. This blog post isn't about celebrating Satan, it's about having fun with your home decor. I am sure I will get a TON of flack on this, but quite honestly, if more Christian woman spent time being LIKE Christ instead of worrying about religious semantics we would all be in a much better place. So take a breath, Sammy isn't a Satan worshiper - she just likes pumpkins and Hocus Pocus.


Now grab a cup of witch's brew (or if you're like me, a Toffee Nut Soy Latte from Starbucks) and get to shopping! We can't wait to see how you HALLOWEEN!! Oh, and don't worry...Scout got a head start for y'all lol!  

Happy Home-ing