The BIG News!!

The cat is OFFICIALLY out of the bag! FIG LEAF + CO is moving!

Where you ask? Well you see now THAT'S a story...

I knew from the moment we launched that a day would come where we would have to take that inevitable leap of faith into this crazy thing called owning a business. What I did not know, was how soon God was gonna yell JUMP!

Back in September, Tyler & I went home to visit our family in South Carolina (or flee a hurricane, tomato-tomahto) and we spent some time with my kick A brother, his babe wife, and their new baby girl (Avery - the baby who blows up my insta-stories). While there, we chatted extensively about his business (he's a licensed GC who does home flips & renovations), my business, and quite frankly why the crap we weren't doing business together. 

Flash forward to post #Irma and I get a phone call from my brother. [Important side note here: if you have ever met my brother you KNOW he is not one for phones, so typically if he calls, someone is either dying or he has some ridiculously big news] So I anxiously answer awaiting the bomb he is about to drop on me. And then it drops. "So, remember when I said I wanted to work with you...well what I really meant was that I want to give you my company - like all of it". WHAT THE &#@! Give me your company?! As in you want me to run your full-fledged home renovation company?? My first thought was "You do know I'm just an interior designer - right?" But I didn't say "no" because I've learned to never say "no" before you bring it to prayer.  So we talked some more, details of how he thought the company could function and what all I can (and more importantly can't) do and then it was time to take it to Jesus. Because I literally can't even. 

After a lot of prayer and about 20 pro/con lists, Tyler and I finally had our answer. But it was one of those bittersweet ones. You know, the ones where your next adventure is going to be something so AMAZING, but at the same time, you are completely terrified and heartbroken to leave your friends and the community you've built over the past 2 years. So yet again, we took it to prayer ha (sensing a theme here) and asked God to help us share the news with our friends & community here in Florida. And boy did He deliver. We shared the news and with every announcement came more joy, more peace, and more confidence in what God was calling us into. And then I had an "ah ha!" moment when I realized that I have a blog! And that I now get to share this story with all of you as we take on this crazy new journey together!

So starting December 8th, we will begin making the transition back to South Carolina. My brother and I already have some projects in the works that I will be sharing so be sure to stay up to date with our insta-stories & posts. And by December 27th, we will officially be South Carolinians again! I will be running the projects from the design side and my brother's rock star team will be managing the construction portion. #theliteraldreamteam

And because "We're moving and I will now be doing design full time!" isn't enough, be on the lookout for some fabulous website redesign complete with a new portfolio of all the fun things we've been up to! P.S. - Have you seen our new logo?! #slay Tyler worked tirelessly creating it and we are so smitten! It's everything we dreamed it would be! 

Lastly, I just want to give a HUGE shout out to you guys for all the love, support & prayers. We truly could not do what we do without YOU! So...until next time...

Happy Move-ing?!

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