My Home Tour - AKA: The Launchpad

The place it all began...  

Well actually, you’d have to flashback to 9th grade for that… (and NO ONE wants to revisit 9th grade) but you get the point. THIS project, mine and Tyler’s first home, is where the idea of FIG LEAF + CO first began. I always knew I loved decor and interiors but it wasn't until I had the freedom to create a space of my own that my designing wheels really began to churn. When Tyler and I said "I do," I was challenged with more than just figuring out how to "wife,” I was also challenged with designing a space for us to call home, a task that at the time completely terrified me! I mean, I had decorated my college dorm room, my bedroom at home in Pawleys Island, my locker at school; but a whole house...that was scary business! So I started with the essentials...a couch, a coffee table, a bed, you get the point. I picked out items that I loved and could see fitting together in my head. It was almost like organizing a huge puzzle, but you got to pick out the pieces and design whatever picture you wanted. I knew all the pieces would fit together, but I didn’t know how well; nor did I realize at the time that it wasn't exactly "normal" for one's brain to function in all these patterns, shapes, colors, and textures. After putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, I took a step back and thought "Holy crap! How did I do this?!" From that moment on, I knew I was onto something. I soaked up any and every tip/trick of the trade and kept experimenting with our new home. With every day, I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into the world of interiors to the point that our afternoon jogs soon turned into nature explorations for new design ideas. I had found my niche and I knew it! It was only a matter of time before Jesus released the flood gates of creativity and gave life to FIG LEAF + CO. And now on June 1, 2017, I finally get to share it with y'all!! So...without further ado....Welcome to our first home tour!

IMG_0287 2.JPG

When Tyler and I made the move from Nashville, we didn't know much about Florida. So to be safe, we chose a quaint little apartment located in a prime spot and decided to sew in some roots for a bit before braving the world of home-buying. For those who have ever ventured into the land of apartments, you KNOW what I mean when I say space is LIMITED. For our dream apartment, I had to think about ways to create storage space while still maintaining the light airy openness we had grown to love in Nashville. Challenge excepted! 


Our living room was by far our biggest space, so I wanted to keep this room super bright and homey without shying away from color. To do this, I chose a funky steel blue velour sofa and paired it with this spectacular cow hide rug. The pops of grey play perfectly off one another from couch to floor with the addition of a cream tufted storage ottoman (because #apartmentlife) to lighten and brighten the room. To balance out the size of the living room, I went with a risk - TWO accent chairs (Oh MY!) - one an art deco armless, and the second a sleek, simple, light grey and raw wood lounge. For added flair I threw in a faux fur piece that brilliantly complimented the art deco. The goal for this room was “grab a blanket and snuggle up with a cup of coffee.” Personally, I think we nailed it!


Our bedroom was one of my favorite spaces to design because it was the one space that was just for Tyler and me. There was no need to think about entertaining or seating room because the theme was simple: R E L A X. I went with a creamy rich velvet upholstered bed with all white bedding. To keep things from getting too white, (if there even IS such a thing) I added a few pops of grey with some throw pillows and a chunky knitted quilt. Finding white high gloss night stands was not an easy task, but I am SO glad I waited for these beauties! They paired perfectly with my creamy cozy bed and sleek all white dresser. Adding some old leather bound books and wicker baskets on Tyler’s side created a clean, modern look, while my side drifted into dainty feminine bliss with gold accents and sweet delicate books - the ideal pairing for his & hers night stands.


If there is one thing I love as much as daydreaming in my cozy bedroom, it’s entertaining! So, for our kitchen and dining area we needed SPACE! As previously mentioned, apartments don't have a ton of that so I had to get creative. I found a long white wood oval table with raw legs that fit PERFECTLY in our dining space and paired it with low back metal chairs. I wanted our dining area to feel spacious, but more importantly I wanted it to be fun! Pops of teal paired with mixed metallics keeps this room vibrant and full of life. As every good southern girl should, I obviously HAD to have a classy bar cart complete with an antiqued whiskey decanter and old records. To keep this space from becoming "too" antiqued between the animal skulls and the aged bar cart, I incorporated a few mod marble pieces and some dainty succulents. The addition of a large gold art deco styled mirror to draw in the light added the perfect and final touch!


While we don't plan to make this apartment our forever place, we have LOVED making it "us" even if just for a while. So until next time....

Happy Home-ing