Top Design Trends of 2018

Hey friends! Okay, so I am officially declaring January "Free Trial" month and will start my real "New Year" in February. Who's with me?! Seriously though, where is this month going?? I feel like I just started January and it's already coming to a close. So today, I am taking a "home day" to catch up on some office fun and share a few exciting 2018 Home Trends you can watch out for. Or if you're feeling brave - try yourself! Here we go!

1. COPPER. Out with the stainless, and in with the COPPER! You guys, I am SO excited about this trend! I LOVE pops of copper especially in kitchens and this year you can expect to see lots of it - from kitchen sinks to range hoods to flatware, copper is making a BIG come back and I could not be happier about it! 

2. COLOR. Yes, you read that right. This year we can expect to see vibrant, bold, meaty colors. Navy cabinets, emerald dining walls, matte black hexagon tiles, bold is in! Don't get me wrong, white and neutrals are timeless, but if you're ready to mix things up - this is the year!! So go bold!  

3. WALLPAPER. And no, not your grandma's bathroom wallpaper. Fresh, sleek, sexy wallpaper that turns a wall into a  s t a t e m e n t. Wallpaper has seriously stepped up the design game in the past year. What was once the most terrifying sight upon entering a prospective home, has now become a fun and easy way to add bold character to a bland room. So pick a wall and give it a go!! - But please wallpaper responsibly lol. 

4. CONCRETE. Making its big move from your driveway to the inside this year! Concrete is sneaking its way into the design world - in kitchens, floors, and even walls! Concrete countertops are among the largest trends to take the scene, followed closely by stained concrete floors (which are a personal fave of mine). While concrete used to be seen as cold and extremely modern it has taken a turn for the cozy & functional and I am not complaining! 

5. BLACK HARDWARE. This one actually made a small appearance last year, but this year it is set to take over the kitchen & bathroom world! Faucets, knobs, pulls, oh my! And y'all, black is my all time fave so I am kinda flipping over this one. WARNING TO ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS: If you are re-doing a kitchen or bath please be advised I will ABSOLUTELY try to fit black hardware into your design lol. Okay, I'm clearly kidding - it's not for everyone, but it is DEFINITELY for me! 

So start your pinning, planning, and penny-pinching because 2018 is off to a fabulous design start and you DO NOT want to miss out on these fun trends! And as always, if you need a little more inspo or some design help our team is here and happy to chat!

PS: For photo sources - click image.