Life Update!

WOW - it has been AWHILE! I seriously feel like it’s been a year since I have written one of these lol. When we first spread the news that we were expecting the “advice” poured in. Don’t eat this, don’t buy this, make sure you ___ (fill in the blank). One piece I never really absorbed until now - you WILL not and CANNOT do it all.

I happen to be a bit of a control freak. Okay - a SUPER control freak haha. Like clean my floors twice a day and never have backed up laundry or dishes in the sink because I can’t stand things out of place. It’s an issue lol. One that God has been working on for quite some time. But with pregnancy - He put me on the fast track!

I have been pushing this blog out for almost 2 months now because I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted our new house fully furnished, the nursery all trimmed and decorated, the perfect wreath on my front door, you get the picture. Instead? I still haven’t had time to buy a dining table, the crib we want is on back order and has yet to arrive, the mattress, however, that IS worst case scenario I guess she could sleep on the floor 🤷🏼‍ Okay I’m kidding. But all joking aside, nothing has gone according to my plan, like literally nothing lol. And you know what - that’s okay! I’ve got a Rock’n’Play and boobs so we will figure the rest out lol!

I promise to give y’all a tour of the new house as soon as I get it completed, in the meantime, here are some teaser items I’ve been crushing on to give you a little inspo! The nursery has a rocking chair, a diaper genie, and a rug - so we are making progress lol. The crib has been ordered and “should” be here soon. My granddad and mom are busy refinishing my great-grandpa’s old dresser to match the white & grey decor and all of Baby Girl’s many MANY clothes are washed and organized by size and color because #ihaveaproblem 🤷🏼‍


We are t-minus 5 weeks out from her arrival and while we are basically the opposite of “ready” we are BEYOND excited to finally meet our precious miracle!! I say ALL of this as a little reminder to myself and all the other moms out there just trying to keep those flaming batons in the air - YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your best is plenty, your house IS a home (no matter how clean, decorated, or “finished” it is or IS NOT), your family is a blessing, and at the end of the day, God has GOT IT.