The "Hair-y" Details

So we are going to deviate from the typical home decor/reno blog momentarily to chat about a trendy hot topic subject: HAIR!

You guys would be shocked at the number of requests I get each week from people asking me questions, not about which wall color to choose (although these are quite frequent), but about MY HAIR?! And today is your day my lovely hair people - today I am sharing my top 3 secrets to healthy hair. #yourewelcome

Secret # 1: The Product. I know every girl in the world has there own opinions about which products are best so I am not here to debate. But, I am going share with you what I use & the way it has changed my hair and you can decide for yourself what is best for you! The company I get literally ALL of my hair care products from is Monat. If you haven't heard of them...look them up - Their products are all natural & they have absolutely rocked my hair world πŸ–€ They use essential oils and have the ability to penetrate through all 3 layers of the hair shaft into the medulla to actual HEAL your hair. I could go on forever, but for the sake of y'all's time, the point is they are amazing. 

Secret # 2: The Heat. One thing I learned fast with blonde is that due to the amount of bleach on the hair shaft, it is SUPER sensitive to heat. So when I started using Monat products I toned down the amount of heat I applied to my hair each day. I lowered the heat setting on my straightener and started drying my hair on warm/cold instead of hot. Now, most days I honestly don't have to use any heat! I basically wake up, throw some dry shampoo in & I'm good to go. The way the products have healed my hair helps it hold the curl/wave/sleek straight style longer. 

Secret # 3: You Don't Need To Wash Your Hair Daily. I know what you're thinking..."girl after 4 hours my hair is greasy?!". Trust me, I know, I used to be you! But again this topic goes back to product choice. If the products you have in & on your hair are not natural based & healthy your body believes that it needs to produce oil to keep your hair healthy, hints the oiliness. With the right natural based products that mimic your hairs natural oil, the body doesn't need to release additional oil so your hair can stay fresher longer. The less you wash your hair honestly the better because it allows your hair to regulate its own oil instead of constantly feeling the needs to produce more. So grab some dry shampoo & take a few hair days off lol.

There is obviously a TON more I could share, but let's be honest...most of y'all are here for the cute throw pillows so I will keep the hair chatter brief πŸ’‹

As always, feel free to leave your questions/comments in the comment box below and until next time...


This is a partnership with Monat Global. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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