Morning Creek Reno

Oh my goodness friends - it has been A WHILE! Thankfully life is FINALLY beginning to resemble some sense of order so we are officially back to blogging!

With our #morningcreekproject in full reno mode, I wanted to share some mid-way photos with y'all! We tore out the existing carpet and linoleum last week - Pro Tip: I would definitely recommend paying a professional to do this. It may seem like a simple task, but you never know what you will find underneath your existing floors and a reno is stressful enough without the added surprises. We also painted the accent wall & dining room. I cannot wait to see how the colors play into the overall design! Cabinets have been prepped for paint and the new floors are finally down - and I seriously could not be more in love. ❤️ Next up we have our island install & our new pendant lights! So many moving pieces but we are nearing the home stretch. This project has definitely been a tough one - but things are finally looking up and I can't wait for our final reveal! 

Until next time ❤️


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