Summer Lovin'

Alright, ladies - let’s be honest. No one enjoys swimsuit shopping. Or having their photo taken while half-naked 👀 But thankfully I have a BOSS girlfriend (Kelli McAbee) who makes me feel like a QUEEN in front of the camera. I have to admit, I was completely terrified to do this shoot. But one thing you will learn about me if you haven’t already, is that I loveeee empowering women to own who they are - in every way! So since the thought of being in a swimsuit in front of a camera scared me - I did it lol. And I could not be happier that I did!!! Not only did it give me such a healthy reality check in loving and embracing my body, it also inspired me to share that with y'all! Girls curves are in. And so are abs. And so are love handles. And so are thigh gaps. You get the point here lol. Whatever shape & size you are is perfectly YOU. Keep a balanced lifestyle and practice moderation in ALL things (okay except maybe chocolate 😋) and love the body God gave you! I am speaking as a HUGE work in progress on this lol but we can practice together!!

So along with shopping these adorable swimsuits via the ever so convenient app (who I am now officially partnered with - WAHOO!!) - do something this week that scares you! Own YOU. Buy the bikini. Wear the dress. You are beautifully and wonderfully made - own that!


PS: If you aren’t currently a user - go get the app! It is absolutely amazing AND that’s how I will link all my products for y’all to shop (both home AND fashion), so you don’t want to miss out 💋