Summer Skin Care

WE MADE IT!! We are officially in #summermood and I could not be happier! I have been dying for some sunshine, sand, and sunglasses. 🏖️

So with summer in full glorious swing, I have received A TON of questions about how I take care of my skin during these hot dry months. Well, I've got ya covered. I've listed out my 3 steps to healthy glowing summer skin all season long. Hope y'all enjoy!

Step One: MOISTURIZE. I honestly can't say enough about good moisture. 💧It will set the groundwork for healthy skin, every time. I do lots to keep my skin hydrated during the summer but here are some of my faves! This lavender mist is to die for. Not only is it calming and relaxing but it also has aloe in it so if you did get a tad extra rosy playing at the pool, you're covered! Another fave to switch things up for summer is to focus less on powders and full coverage and more on dewy sun-protected skin. I use this Juice Beauty tinted CC cream all summer and it not only protects my skin but gives wonderful hydration! My other summer skin secret is Rejuvenique Oil. This stuff is BOSS and mimics your body's natural oil and is made up of 11 different essential oils. I put this junk EVERYWHERE. If you are a Greenville native I also cannot say enough about the team over at Organic Tan Face & Body and their one of a kind hydrafacials. If you are in serious need of a skin refresher - book an appt. And use my code "glogalsammy" for 10% off your first service! 


Step Two: EXFOLIATE. 🙌I know you're thinking wait...I do that in the winter too? GOOD! Exfoliating your skin is so important. You don't need to do anything rash here, just a good gentle exfoliate that will keep dry dead skin cells off your fresh summer face. Not only with this keep yuck off of you - it will also allow your face to produce healthy fresh glowing skin cells that will keep you looking sun-kissed and fresh all season long! I have shared some of my faves below. â¤ï¸ 


Step Three: PROTECT. The sun kind lol. ☀️This one also seems a little "obvious" I know, but protecting your skin from the sun is CRUCIAL to healthy skin. I grew up on the beach and getting "burnt" is kinda my thing, so it took me a LONG time to learn this lesson. I LOVE the sun - but the sun doesn't always love our skin lol. So protect it! A little SPF in your BB cream or moisturizer will go a long way. I don't recommend foundations with high levels of SPF because they tend to cause flashback. (You know that annoying thing when your makeup looks ON POINT and then someone snaps a pic and all the sudden your face looks like a ghost? Yeah, not cool.) For some great summer options, check these Ulta finds below 😻


Here's to happy healthy glowing skin all summer long ❤️ And as always, feel free to share your fave tips/tricks or any questions in the comments below! 


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