To Lash or Not To Lash??

With all the buzz going around about lashes these days it was only a matter of time before I caved and just HAD to try this whole "lash extension" business. To be honest, I have fairly decent lashes, but the thought of NOT having to put on mascara every day (which takes like 10 minutes for me) was VERY appealing. So, I took the leap and booked myself an appointment for a full set of volume lashes! The experience was incredible and I have had SO many questions come in about them. In order to give y'all the best insight possible I figured I'd just write a blog about my experience so you can decide for yourselves if lashes are a DO or a DON'T. 

First I would recommend some research before you book a place - not all lash places are the same! Stalk their Insta and normally that will showcase their work. πŸ‘€ If you are in the Greenville area (or close) I HIGHLY recommend Organic Tan Face & Body. Their team of licensed estheticians are AMAZING and made the entire process so stress-free and relaxing! I'm not going to lie - I was slightly nervous to try this because I didn't know what to expect (type A probs lol). Prep-Note - remove any eye makeup before you go ( I forgot this step lol). When I got there Logan (the lash queen) talked me through each step and explained what she was doing so nothing took me off guard. Basically, they attach 1-3 false lashes to each of your real lashes with a medical grade adhesive. The process took about an hour and a half and was done in a spa room so the music and lighting were super relaxing. And of course, your eyes are closed the whole time so napping is 100% acceptable lol - I would know. 


Once finished they seal them for protection, brush them out, and have you sit up and then open. Some people say they can "feel" the difference but I personally didn't. Mine feel super light. Zero pain whatsoever and other than tape on my bottom lashes to hold them away from the glue, nothing about the process felt weird or uncomfortable. They do recommend you come in every 2 weeks to touch up any spots that have come loose or fallen out (but this takes WAY less than the full hour for a whole set). And can we just talk about the convenience factor for a moment?! I will never go back to mascara again. Seriously y'all, I am addicted. They make my morning routine SO simple & no matter what time of day or where I go my lashes are ALWAYS on point! It is seriously my new fave beauty cheat - hands down. 


So if your lashes could use a little pick-me-up or you're just totally over having to spend 15 minutes putting on the perfectly wanded mascara each morning - do yourself a favor and go try them! I even have a 10% off discount code for your first set at Organic Tan Face & Body! Use GLOGALSAMMY when booking your apt and get ready for flawless lashes all summer long πŸŽ‰

Happy Lashing


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