N O R D S T R O M SALE!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so major confession - I do not own the Nordstrom Magical Credit Card 😱. In all honesty, I do not own ANY retail credit cards because I do not trust myself with them lol. I would literally rack up so much money my husband would go into cardiac arrest. God has blessed us greatly, don't get me wrong - but we live and die by our budget. Tyler tells me a VERY specific amount that I can spend each month on my shopping habit and once that puppy is reached I am cut off! And to be frank, I think everyone should practice this notion. Budgeting is SO good not just for your finances but also your own personal self-control lol. 

With that being said, for my girls who DO have the card - zero shade your way! In fact, I've put together a few of my MUST HAVES and ESSENTIALS from this year's HOTTEST sale (see zero shade πŸ˜‰). For all of us who don't have the magical card DO NOT FRET, we can shop all these gorgeous pieces starting July 20th! This sale is truly amazing because it isn't last seasons stuff - its all the NEW fall lines and they are upwards of 60%-70% off πŸ’ƒ #winning. So if you've got some extra cash to spend I HIGHLY recommend doing it before this sale ends August 5th. 

Without further ado ladies...grab your laptops if you're a homebody or your girlfriends if you are more of the "try-on" type and get to shopping!! 


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