My Pregnancy Journey!

So if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been SUPER hesitant to write this blog post. The reason being is that everyone’s pregnancy is SO different! Some women have amazing experiences, while others are really REALLY hard. And the last thing I want is people using my pregnancy story as the “expectation” or “goals” for their own - because trust me it won’t be the same! It won’t be “worse” or “better” because there’s no such thing as a “scale” in pregnancy. You are growing a miracle that God put inside of you...every experience, the good the bad AND the ugly is completely and overwhelmingly BEAUTIFUL. 

SO - here’s how my story has gone this far! And for all my mommas out there reading this I am well aware it will most likely get “real” in my 3rd trimester so y’all send prayers!! Lol 

We found out we were expecting the day after Father's Day. It went like this - 
Tyler: "Hey babe what do you want for dinner?"

Sammy: "A pizza lunchable..." 
Tyler: "...." 
Sammy: "I'll be right back..." *goes upstairs to grab pregnancy test...takes it..immediately turns positive*

Sammy: "Hey Tyler...I think I'm pregnant..." 
Tyler: *wide-eyed "SWEET!"

In case you haven't figured out by now, I am a bit of a planner lol. So surprise pregnancies are not really in my wheelhouse ha. Finding out we were expecting was DEFINITELY NOT my plan. But, as God constantly reminds me His plans are better than mine! When we went for our first ultrasound I was already 8 weeks! I had some obvious pregnancy symptoms - peeing all the time, craving all kinds of weird food (probably going to be investing stock in Taco Bell at this rate), and an ever-increasing "bump". At the time I honestly thought I just needed to up my ab work out, but now it ALL makes sense lol. The whole first trimester was a breeze! I was nauseous on occasion and had to pee A LOT but I was one of the lucky ones when it comes to sickness and appetite. And my cravings have been SO weird! One minute I'm craving Chicken Pad Thai and the next all I want is a salad. When I went to the doctor I had somehow LOST 4 lbs because my cravings have been so healthy?! Like what is this baby a future Olympic athlete?? The other thing I can't get enough of these days is water. I've never been a huge soft drink or coffee person so this one doesn't surprise me, but man am I thankful! 

We have officially entered our second trimester and the peeing has definitely calmed down lol. The cravings, however, still going strong. The other day I went to the grocery store and left with 2 pizza lunchables (cheese only don't freak out about me eating pepperoni), a jar of pickles, and a can of sour cream & onion Pringles. Seriously...what is this baby doing?! 

This weekend we find out the gender and are so beyond excited! We feel like we have been waiting forever. We are planning to move into our new home in Spartanburg THIS September (because a surprise baby isn't enough) and I can't wait to share all the fun designs I have in store both for the house AND for our dream nursery!! 

Until next time! 


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