Pregnancy Acne - Real Talk!

Let's just get real for a minute shall we momma's (and "one-day" momma's)? I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. Seriously, I've felt amazing, I get to eat whatever I want with zero judgment, and its actually a GOAL to gain weight - like I'm sorry what about this is not fabulous?! Oh...that's right - THE FREAKING ACNE!! Somehow my face has reverted back to that horrific high school skin that quite literally looks like someone baked a pizza on my face. 😝 And to make matters even worse - as a mom-to-be there are like a zillion rules about what you can and cannot put on that "glowing" little face of yours. Ever heard of a tetracycline?! Exactly - but guess what you can't put it on your face! Accutane? You know the stuff prescribed by dermatologists for acne? Toss it out - unless you want your baby to have 2 heads. Okay probs not, but seriously the list is endless lol. Basically take everything you've ever used and kiss it goodbye because unless it comes from Mother Nature's bounty (the Earth people, the Earth) then it's probably not safe for baby.

Here are some major players to AVOID:

Retinoids (found in Retin-A and Accutane)

Tetracycline (medications include doxycycline and minocycline)






So my amazing friends at Organic Tan Face & Body have done us all a HUGE favor. They have put together a list of Mommy safe products targeted to attack that stubborn hormone-induced acne AND as always provide that signature Organic Tan Face & Body glow with their newest facial! Of course, I just HAD to try it out for myself and can I just say, as a mom/mom-to-be if you are going to "treat yo self" do it with this facial y'all. Seriously, everything from the way the products smelled down to Chandler's massage technique was sheer perfection. Not only was the experience incredibly relaxing and refreshing, but the results were unreal. My skin feels incredible! My dryness GONE, my fine lines and wrinkles drastically reduced, and as far as that stubborn acne goes - yeah we extracted that junk! PEACE OUT ✌️And ALL of this was accomplished by using NATURALLY based products that are SAFE for baby and GOOD for your skin - can you say #winning?! I posted the process step by step on Insta and have also shared it here below! There are actually 8 steps but in order to keep everyone from upchucking - I left out the extraction part…you are welcome. And can we just talk about the “after” photo of my skin…I am officially addicted to facials y’all.




The Glo Skin Beauty products used above have ingredients like jojoba oil, grape seed extract, witch hazel, turmeric, and cucumber to fight the acne without exposing you to the yucky chemicals listed above. And they smell absolutely heavenly! One of my other faves they incorporate into this facial is Melaleuca Oil 🙌 More commonly known as “Tea Tree Oil,” Melaleuca oil has over 92 different compounds and is best known for its purifying properties. It can be used to cleanse and purify the skin and support a healthy complexion (which momma's-to-be know IS NOT EASY). You can use it as a spot treatment for problem areas or mix 1 drop into your moisturizer (which is what they do during the facial) for a fresh & natural way to fight acne.

Some other great ways to ward off gross pregnancy skin are to wash your pillowcases regularly - as in at LEAST once a week, if not twice. Yes, I am serious. So much gunk and grime come off your face as you sleep and if you don't wash that stuff out of the fabric, it just goes right back on your skin. Another great way to maintain healthy skin during pregnancy is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water is a natural purifier for your body so the more of it you have, the better it can flush out those nasty toxins and help give you that infamous "pregnancy glow". One BIG rule that we have all heard since our teenage years that definitely maintains its validity is DO NOT POP your blemishes. Skin is a tricky subject and popping blemishes incorrectly can lead to infection, scarring, and MORE blemishes. So treat them with some Tea Tree Oil or go to a professional for extraction but for the love of everything DO NOT pinch and pop that pimple! And last but not least - maintaining a healthy & balanced diet. Believe it or not this plays a crucial role in skin care! Put good in - get good out ladies, it's that simple!

All the products used in the facial are available for purchase through Organic Tan Face & Body as well as the miracle Tea Tree Oil 🙌 And don't forget when booking your appointment to mention GLOGALSAMMY for 10% off your facial 💋


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