Pregnancy Cravings 101

So I always wondered what women meant when they said “cravings”. Like it’s a much opinion does it have about your diet?! Apparently A LOT 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m one of the more fortunate momma’s-to-be in that my cravings - so far - have been fairly healthy! Majority of the time I crave fruits, veggies, and whole grains. And somehow this baby girl is SO not into sweets which is blowing my mind. I thought for sure I would be one of those “needs gelato at 1am” girls but NOPE. I hardly crave sweets at all 🙄

I DO however crave Taco Bell. Yeah, still haven’t figured that one out lol. I don’t know if it’s the sodium or just that my baby loves a good cheap date but probably twice a week I have to stop and get tacos 🌮 I also went through a WEIRD Ramen Noodle phase where ALL I wanted for dinner 7 days in a row was beef flavored Ramen 🍜 Like I said - WEIRD. Thankfully that phase is over and we are back to cottage cheese and grapes 🍇 Although I did stay up with Tyler till 12am the other night watching the Office and after 4 consecutive episodes in a row all in which they were eating pizza - you guessed it. Momma was DYING for a hot piece of pepperoni pizza. And y’all know my movie worthy husband made my pregnancy dreams come true lol. So at 1am, I indulged in the most delicious slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever had. The best part - I don’t even like pizza 🤷🏼‍♀️


One piece of advice I got early on in my pregnancy has helped me SO much when it comes to the what you can & can’t have “rules”. If your body craves it - eat it. Okay with the exception of gas station sushi lol. But seriously, there are SO many do’s & don’ts to what you can eat during pregnancy that in the beginning I got super overwhelmed. When I realized that it was less about “what” you eat and more about the QUALITY of the food itself, my stress level decreased EXPONENTIALLY. Yep, you read that right - if Momma wants sushi I EAT SUSHI! Rebel I know lol. But seriously, trust your body and be smart about what you put in it. So when I want fresh seared ahi tuna - I go to a QUALITY restaurant who serves sushi grade SAFE fish. I know I will get some Mom shade for this - but I think God designed our body’s to grow a baby. And women have been doing it for centuries just fine before Google came along lol. Plus - what the crap do you think women in Germany eat if you “can’t eat sausage while you’re pregnant”?! If consuming sausage was truly that harmful to babies I think the German population would look much different lol.


So be smart about your body, treat it with respect. That goes for pregnant AND nonpregnant women! And for the love of everything - if you need a gas station "cheat" every now and again IT’S OKAY! The best rule for taking care of that growing baby is to LISTEN to what YOUR body is telling YOU.


I am sure there are lots of differing opinions on the subject but that’s mine ❤️ Feel free to share your thoughts and any questions below!

Until next time,


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