One thing I have quickly learned as a mom-to-be is that it is already getting harder and harder to prioritize “me time”. You get so busy with work, life, and don’t get me started on the whole nesting thing! Next thing you know you haven’t washed your hair in 4 days and Lord only knows when you last shaved.

That’s why when I discovered Bump Boxes my heart exploded with excitement! A subscription box dedicated to caring for momma’s and momma’s-to-be, sign me up PLEASE! This box isn’t your average subscription box - it is JAM packed with goodies that are catered to where you are as a mom. Pregnancy boxes, postpartum boxes, you name it, they’ve thought of it.


When I first got my box I had so much hype around it I was honestly nervous to open it! When I finally did lift the lid I was blown away not only by the number of goodies they had packed into my box but also the quality of products! I’m talking top of the line companies dedicated to pampering moms! My box was jam-packed with spa treats like a foot soak - can you say bye bye swollen feet 🙌🏼, a hydrating glow mask for my face, an electric toothbrush (which by the way, was BRILLIANT and probably my favorite part of my box), a pregnancy safe manicure kit 💅🏼, a cooling massage cream, and much more! Everything packed into my box was specifically chosen for mommas-to-be who need pampering and I have taken FULL advantage of my surprises!


The verdict? I am officially addicted to Bump Boxes. When you’re expecting, your body is being completely hijacked by this amazing little miracle who just so happens to suck all the energy and life out of you lol. It’s a beautiful but extremely foreign and exhausting experience that can very easily overwhelm you. The goal of Bump Boxes is to make that journey more enjoyable and to appreciate moms and expecting moms for the kick-ass job they are doing! So if you are a mom, know a mom, expecting, or know someone who is - give Bump Boxes a try. Trust me - you will NOT regret it!



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