And Then There Were 4

That’s right folks - Baby Junia has arrived. And oh how smitten we are!!

To say her arrival at 37 weeks pregnant was “unexpected” would be an understatement lol. In fact, the day before her delivery I was opening baby shower gifts and playing “guess her name”! Oh yeah... Saturday we had a bunch of friends over for a baby shower and Sunday we had a BABY!


Lots of y’all have asked us for the full labor story so for any guys who may be’s about to get weird. For all my girls...enjoy 😘

SO...Saturday night after the baby shower we passed out - hard. At around 12 am I woke up with some pretty strong "cramping" as I referred to it and had to A LOT. Needless to say, I’ve never been pregnant or given birth so I had ZERO idea of what to expect when it came to labor pains ha. I just assumed I was experiencing some pretty intense/strong Braxton Hicks and that I was a wimp. So naturally, I just tried to go back to bed (#oops). After endlessly tossing and turning trying to get the “cramps” to go away I finally wised up and texted my mom (around 4:45 am). The exact text read “Sooo probs normal but having some pretty intense period like cramping lol been happening all night...been up like 10 times...” to which she immediately called and said, “THAT’S LABOR CALL YOUR DR NOW!”

After the nurse confirmed that I was in fact “in labor” we packed up whatever we could and headed to the hospital. As you can imagine our grab bag was SO not ready...I literally had to pull pants out of the washer to wear on the way to the hospital 😂. That’s right - wet pants. Obviously, there wasn’t enough time to do my makeup or fix my hair so I attempted to do that in the car in between contractions. The basic premise went like this: Tyler - “Okay anddd GO! You’ve got 3 minutes till the next one!” Me - “Perfect I can do my blush!!”

Once we got to the hospital the contractions had REALLY intensified. The sweet nurse at the counter kindly asked if I was there for Triage or Induction, to which I replied, "Honey if I planned to be here my hair would NOT look like this!". She laughed and said "Welp, Triage it is! Let's go check to see how far along you are!"

We walked back to the Triage room where I got undressed amid several "DEAR LORD JESUS PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!". When the doctor finally got in to check me we were at about a 9 in pain level and the "Dear Lord"'s were beginning to quickly get exchanged for some slightly more "adult" content. He checked us and conveniently broke my water simultaneously lol. I have to admit at this point I was completely terrified..not of having the baby, but of the doctor telling me I was only at like a 3cm or 4cm dilated. Much to our relief, he said with extreme excitement "You're a 7! We are having this baby now!".

This is when my mind got realllllly fuzzy lol. where the hell is my mom...fu**. For those who don't know my mom lives in Pawleys Island, SC and happens to be my best friend so the fact that she was 4 hours away was NOT going over well with me. She left around 7 am that morning when we headed for the hospital and it was around 8:30 when they told us to head to the delivery room to get ready for pushing. The mixture of emotions, pain, and sleep deprivation from laboring through the entire night (#whoops) created a perfect storm of projectile vomiting that ensued as soon as I stood up to change rooms lol. Once the puke escapade began my body pretty much went into shock and started shaking and hyperventilating. Definitely a proud moment lol. It was at that point that I began yelling "I can't fu**ing do this just cut her out of me!!!" lol. My husband assured the nurses I did NOT want a C-Section but probably DID want an Epidural lol. I remember the nurse calling the anesthesiologist and asking for the Epidural and him jokingly saying "Sorry we can't right now.". As you can imagine I did NOT find that amusing AT ALL and yelled over the phone "LISTEN JEFF I NEED A FU**ING EPIDURAL NOW!!!!!" All the nurses (and my husband) started cracking up and very shortly after my outburst my new best friend Jeff entered the room with "the good stuff" as it was henceforth referred to lol.

Knowing that my mom was on the way the AMAZING nursing staff & Dr went ahead and let me rest. After the Epidural kicked in we just hung out and chatted while my body recovered from my all-nighter lol. At around 11:45 my mom miraculously (and illegally) made it to the hospital. Almost as soon as she got there the nurses came back in to prep me for pushing. We starting trying to push little miss June down the birth canal and she was NOT a fan. Her heart rate started dropping and I could tell the nurses were getting nervous. Mad props to my husband for totally keeping his cool and not letting me know anything was going wrong. He slayeddddd. I'm going to make him write a blog called "How To Not Piss You Wife Off During Delivery" lol. The nurses called the Dr. in to try and assess the situation and as soon as he reached up and touched Baby June her heart rate went right back up and she was ready! Apparently, little miss Junia had a thing for Dr. Bailey lol. At this point, however, my "good stuff" was in FULL effect and I literally felt NOTHING happening down I couldn't push. That's when they brought out...the PEANUT - AKA: Midevil Torture Contraption lol. Just kidding, it was actually pretty amazing but it DID ramp my contractions back up...with vengeance. Once those babies were back Dr. Baily "Magic Hands" came back in and we started pushing again. We pushed for about an hour with the world's most interactive audience EVER. All the nurses (6 to be exact), my husband, mom, mother in law, and even the Dr. all yelling "GO GO GO GOOOO!" for about 10 seconds and then a most anticlimactic "awww" when she didn't pop out. I could have killed them all. I'm over here pushing my freaking brains out and they are quite literally commentating on my efforts lol. But after about an hour I heard "GO GO GO GOOOO!" followed by "OMG YOU DID IT!!" and then I saw her. My exact words were "OMG....she looks like an alien..." lol. I was on a lot of drugs y'all lol. Tyler cut her cord and laid her on my chest and my heart exploded. Tears, laughter, kisses, followed by more tears and even more kisses. She was and still IS perfect in every way. She weighed 4lbs 14oz and was 17.75in long. And even with THAT tiny of a nugget I still managed to score myself a 3rd-degree tear. Mainly due to the fact that miss sassy pants decided she wanted to come into this word turned the wrong direction. After some coercion by Dr. Bailey and a few ninja moves she pivoted and we were able to squeeze her out lol.


All in all my labor and birth experience was EXACTLY what I wanted. I was SO so blessed and COVERED in prayer. I got to experience everything - from the pain to the joy, the shock to the anticipation - it was perfect. Junia Brenton Batts made a seamless entry into this big wide world and has been given it a run for her money ever since.

For those who have messaged us about her name, it comes from Romans 16:7. In college, I took an incredible theology class and learned about the name. I wrote it down in a little note on my phone and saved it all these years because I loved it SO much! Scholars believe that the name, female in origin, is the only female apostle mentioned throughout the entire Bible. There are 2 translations of the name, one is Junia (female) and other translation reads Junias (male). Most biblical scholars hold that Junia is the proper translation and was, in fact, part of a husband-wife ministry team. When I told Tyler about the name he LOVED it and it was pretty much set in stone from there. I mean...the ONLY female apostle who made it into the Bible...undoubtedly she was a FORCE. Nicknames include but are not limited to - June, June Bug, Juni B, JuJu, Baby June, Little Bird (when you meet her you will hear why lol), and Juni Bugs.

Right now our favorite activities are trying to throw our bottle, successfully throwing our paci, laughing when daddy's beard tickles us and puckering our lips.

Pinky promise pictures and a tour of the nursery are coming soon as I finish it #reallife.

Till next time


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