Let's Talk Tan

Okay, so confession: I am SO over the cold! Don't get me wrong, I love ALL my seasons but with a newborn, the last thing I enjoy is being cooped up in the house all day because it's freaking FREEZING outside. I hear tell that warmer weather is headed to the upstate but in the meantime, I'm going to warm us all up by sharing my skinny on...SPRAY TANS! For real.

I know, all my beach girlfriends are reading this like "ummm girl, you get tan from the sun, not a tanning salon duh?!" But as a new mom, and honestly just as an overall health conscientious person, I've gotten a lot more cautious of our good friend the Sun. Growing up at the beach I have definitely had my fair share of "sunburns" and a few bouts with sun poisoning. And trust me, I love a good summers glow - but not enough to risk my health, at least not if I can help it.

So last summer in an effort to get my "glow" on without ruining my skin, I looked into spray tans. Now obviously we have all heard the horror stories, I mean everyone remembers Ross from friends right? (If you don't know what I'm talking about...here's the link - it's freaking hysterical.) Definitely don't want to walk out looking like a bad version of Donald Trump. #noshade #justsaying I researched a bunch of different spots in the upstate and finally landed on my now FAVE spa - Organic Tan Face & Body.

When I reached out to the owner about trying out a tan she came up with a BRILLIANT idea to try ALL of their tans! That way I could not only find MY fave but also share about each of them here on the blog with y'all!

I tried all 10 of their tans:

1. Signature Airbrush Tan Light

2. Signature Airbrush Tan Medium

3. Accelerated Tan Light

4. Accelerated Tan Medium

5. Accelerated Tan Dark

6. Venetian Signature

7. Venetian Plus

8. Venetian Accelerated Light

9. Venetian Accelerated Medium

10. Venetian Accelerated Dark

Yeah, I was looking FRESH last summer lol. Seriously I felt like a Grecian goddess all summer- it was magical.

Being that this was literally my first spray tanning experience EVER I was a little nervous! #newbie But Organic made the entire process so seamless. Before I got there the girls at the salon gave me the 411 on "prepping" for my tan which was SUPER helpful because #clueless. Rules for spray tanning: Exfoliate your skin, no makeup, hair up, loose-fitting clothes (braless if you can), slip on shoes (like flats or flip-flops), and no jewelry. What I loved MOST about the way Organic Tan Face & Body handles spray tans is they make it what I call "Sammy Proof". AKA: a monkey could do it lol. You check in at the front desk and go to a private room where your esthetician tells you to remove your jewelry, make sure your hair is up, and to pop your head out to let her know when you're undressed. Yes - to get a tan you actually have to take your clothes off. I mean, you can keep your undergarments on if you feel more comfortable that way, or if you're like me and have zero shame you can just go full nude lol. Once you let them know you are ready they guide you step by step on where to turn, what the do with your arms, legs, hands, feet, etc. They are EXTREMELY thorough ensuring that you don't walk out of there with weird speckles or blotches #praise. They also give you instructions on taking care of your tan afterward. Depending on which tan you choose, they will let you know when it's safe to rinse off and which lotions are best to help you prolong your color. I also used their Ph balancing cleanser specifically designed to help extend spray tans - freaking LOVED it. I definitely recommend using it! Once your esthetician finishes she will dry you off with cool air and then you are free to get dressed. Afterward, it is important to TRY to keep from sweating or getting wet as it will affect the way your tan processes. So as you can imagine - rain makes this process slightly difficult lol. Thankfully the girls at the spa have this on lock too. They have GIANT umbrellas and they will escort you to your car to make sure not a drop gets on your freshly tanned skin. #dreamteam Basically they cover EVERY basis so that you don't have to!

Now you know the process, but which was my favorite?

Let's start with tan #1 - Signature Airbrush Tan Light ($28)

This was my first, so there was obviously a lot of hype going into it! We started with the Light to gradually ease me into a natural-looking glow. I felt like this tan gave me great color but didn't change my skin tone which was perfect for my first run! The developing time for this tan is 12 hours so you do have to sleep in it which some people don't love.


Tan #2 - Signature Airbrush Tan Medium ($28)

By the time tan #2 rolled around tan #1 had faded (took about 2 weeks) and I was feeling like a pasty ghost and desperately wanted my "glow" back lol. I lovedddd the color in this tan. It wasn't orange at all AND it gave me that "mid-summer" glow. You know, the one where you've been tanning for a few weeks and you have that SOLID base tan that makes you feel like J-Lo lol. This one was one of my favorite colors and again it has a 12 hour processing time so you will need to account for that.


Tan #3 - Accelerated Tan Light ($40)

So the Accelerated Tans are the BOMB if you are in a time crunch or have a crazy schedule. Why? Because they get you to your color within a few short hours! You can get this tan the morning of an event and have your full color developed in 2, 3, or 4 hours depending on which level you are trying to achieve. I was doing the Light for this session so I just waited 2 hours before rinsing the tan. And just like that - I was back to feeling like J-Lo!


Tan #4 - Accelerated Tan Medium ($40)

Again, the same concept as before for this tan except this time we were going darker so I waited 3 hours before rinsing. Out of the Accelerated Tans, this shade was my favorite. I loved the color it gave and for me, I felt like it looked super close to my summer color but just one shade darker (which I can NEVER achieve, so that was nice).


Tan #5 - Accelerated Tan Dark ($40)

Okay so if you follow this blog or my Instagram you have probably noticed - I am not a naturally "tan" person. My skin is fairly rosy so I more so freckle than anything else. That being said, I was a little afraid of this tan. The thought of going "dark" was a little scary to me lol. Much to my surprise, this color actually looked SO good! I mean, even my close friends were like "dang girl, you're tanning gooood this summer!" - don't worry, I told them it was fake lol. But still - it looked super believable! This shade was a little too dark for my personal taste but I did get lots of compliments on my skin during this one so that was fun!


Tan #6 - Venetian Signature ($40)

Okay, so the Venetian Tans were by FAR my faves. This one, in particular, had a 12 hour development time which I didn't love because I didn't like going to bed with the developer still on, but y'all this color - GLORIOUS! The Venetian Tans use a violet color that helps counteract the red tones in the skin and are ideal for people who are fairer (ME). This was definitely the most natural looking tan of the bunch for my skin tone. The funniest part of this tan is that while it's developing you can see the violet more and more pronounced so by the time I got up the next morning I look like a smaller tanner version of Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory lol. Okay - I wasn't THAT purple, but there was definitely a purple hue going on before I rinsed it off. Once I showered the color left over was seriously perfection!


Tan #7 - Venetian Plus ($40)

This tan is the darkest of all the tans that Organic Tan Face & Body offers. Its the Venetian style so its got the red canceling violet tones and takes a total of 12 hours to fully develop. Very similar to the tones of the Venetian Signature but darker - like a lot darker lol. This color looked great once fully developed but was definitely too dark for my preference. However, if you have fairer skin and have always wanted to have a nice dark tan, this is DEFINITELY the way to go. I lean more into the medium tan range, but this one was super fun to try!


Tan #8 - Venetian Accelerated Light ($50)

Alright, this series is my absolute fave - I know I basically have loved all the tans, but seriously the accelerated version of the Venetian Tans #allthepraisehands Not only is it that rich violet color that cancels out my gross redness but it also develops in 2, 3 or 4 hours! #winning For the first round of this set, I rinsed my tan after 2 hours to achieve a "light" glow. I felt like this looked the closest to my natural tanning ability. This tan was extremely similar to what I actually look like most summers, but slightly fewer freckles lol. I liked the color but definitely wanted to go darker.


Tan #9 - Venetian Accelerated Medium ($50)

For this tan, I waited 3 hours before rinsing and the color was SPOT ON! This was my favorite tan of them all. Like this spring - this will be my go-to. I loved the richness of this tan and felt like it looked SO natural but also way more even and glowing than my poor skin could ever actually get lol.


Tan #10 - Venetian Accelerated Dark ($50)

My final tan, bittersweet. I honestly didn't even want to go get this tan because it meant my summer of glowing was about to come to an end. Don't worry - I went! I let this tan develop for 4 hours - the max time for the Venetian Accelerated. And I got DARK. Like DARK DARK lol. If you want to pull off that sexy Pocahontas vibe - this is the tan for you! Again, darker than I would normally go but still very natural looking.


So there you have it - all 10 tans offered by Organic Tan Face & Body! Hope y'all enjoyed learning about each one and comparing the colors and of course feel free to share any tips or tricks you have for spray tanning below! And if you are local don't forget to use my code "GLOGALSAMMY" for 10% of your first service at Organic Tan Face & Body! If you have any questions shoot me a message below and until next time...


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