Who Says April Has to Bring Showers...

Around here April showers bring Eucalyptus Facials 🌿 Well, they do at Organic Tan Face and Body in Greenville at least - and trust me, you don't want to miss them while they’re here! I just recently booked the April Facial special and it was DIVINE! Plus if you join their facial membership program you can get their signature facials EVERY MONTH for just $65/mnt. #winning 👏


With postpartum hormones raging my skin has been OUT OF CONTROL these days. Between sleep deprivation, zero time to thoroughly wash my face (living on Alba Hawaiian 3-in-1 towelettes), and the hormones I seriously needed a pick me up. I went in for the April Facial special and literally walked out with new skin lol. It started with a Eucalyptus Cleanser which felt SO refreshing, followed by a hydrating Milk Cleanser that rocked my dry dead skin's world ha. Next was the Brightening Polish and extractions which are my favorite and least favorite all wrapped into one lol. I LOVE getting that gunk out of my pores, but I don't love the feeling of having them extracted. Some people love that feeling, totally freaks me out - but SO worth it, especially the next day when I wake up with no pimples! After that came the facial massage 👏 (my favorite part - obviously lol) with Jojoba Oil and a scalp massage with Rosemary Oil. To help with impurities we did a clay mask with a coconut lip mask and then followed with a toner, Vitamin C serum (this stuff is liquid GOLD, one day I will do a blog on ALL the many things Vitamin C can do for the body #miracledrug), and an oil-free cleanser. Lastly was the Eye Restore and Peppermint Lavender lip balm which was as aromatic and relaxing as it sounds.


Needless to say, if you're looking for a skin refresher after the never-ending winter we just came out of - this is YOUR facial. 3 days later and my skin is STILL so hydrated, toned, and bright. This morning I threw on a touch of concealer to hide my "momma never sleeps" bags under my eyes, a spritz of lavender spray, and some mascara and felt confident enough to leave the house naked faced. THAT'S how good this facial is lol. Plus if you use our code "GLOGALSAMMY" you can get 10% off the facial of your choice - but we def suggest THIS one 😘