Top 3 Home Styles of the Upstate


One question we get A LOT around here is "What style is this house?". So today, we are talking the top 3 most popular home styles found throughout the upstate of South Carolina! I'll share how to spot them and which one is my absolute fave to work on for flips! Let's get started.

1. Ranch Style

Ranch style houses are a classic throughout the upstate - primarily in places like Greenville and Spartanburg. Originating in the 1920’s these one-story homes are a "go-to" for families who crave open concept living. Typically made of brick or wood they sport a standard "L" or "U" shape design with large windows and wide eaves. The signature tell-all sign of a Ranch style home is their open layout comprised of sleeping quarters on one side and living spaces on the other. What I love most about these homes is how much natural light they get and how easy it is to create seamless entertaining space - especially when it comes to indoor/outdoor entertainment. Ranch style homes are notorious for large outdoor areas that make the perfect setting for those HGTV-worthy dinner parties. These homes are great for "fixer-uppers" because they are generally comprised of GREAT bones like brick and wood, and have tons of open space to work with.

2. Colonial Style

Colonial style homes got their start in the 1600’s with the Georgian style we see most often in the upstate coming on the scene around 1720-1780. This style is a staple throughout South Carolina and is typically recognized by their box shape, centered front door, multi-pane windows, and brick exteriors accented with wooden columns and trim. As with Ranch style homes, the Georgian Colonial homes have AMAZING bones. Brick is timeless and can be painted any color to keep with design trends which makes it a TOP choice for exteriors. Another feature of the Georgian style homes that I love is their multi-pane windows. These draw in SO much natural light to the homes and give such a charming curb appeal. Inside these homes, you will typically find formal living and dining areas on the first floor and sleeping quarters on the second floor. Most Georgian Colonial homes also include a least one - if not more, fireplaces that help to create that classic southern charm. These homes make great family homes and offer timeless features you'll love for years to come.

3. Craftsman Style

These homes happen to be my personal fave! Craftsman style homes have my heart as a coastal South Carolina girl who grew up spending weekends gallivanting through historic Charleston. Their wide overhanging eaves, exposed rafters, large cozy front porches, and handcrafted woodwork make these homes the epitome of charm. In stark contrast to their predecessors - Victorian Style, Craftsman homes boast of detail, art, and handmade nuances. Craftsman homes exude charm from every crevice which is why I adore working with them! The living spaces in these homes are pretty defined with lots of cozy corners. Some fresh paint and a little re-design of the main living areas (which are fairly sectioned off) and these homes are ready for market. They make great starter homes for new families, and the larger two-story modifications make amazing long term homes for families with more than 1 child. We just recently closed on an adorable Craftsman Bungalow over in Spartanburg in the Converse Heights neighborhood and I can’t wait to break ground! I will be sharing all the behind the scenes over on our social media platforms so be sure to follow along.

There are obviously a TON of variants to these styles and of course lots of other home styles seen throughout the upstate of South Carolina, but these are the ones we run into the most. I hope this helped shed some light on a fairly ambiguous topic. As always, I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding home styles and how to identify what style your home is! Until next time...




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