Countryside Reading Retreat

When I first sat down with Kelly she told me, as many clients do, that she didn't really have a "style".

I love when clients tell me this because there is nothing I enjoy more than designing a space that perfectly reflects their character and personality. Watching their expressions as they see their space come to life is exhilarating!  I love hearing "I don't have a style" because we ALL have a style! We may not know it, or know how to translate it into design, but that is why I LOVE what I do! Kelly's journey has been so much fun because I've gotten to watch her grow from "I have no idea" to "YES THAT'S ME!" To me, that's what "creating spaces" is all about. Creating a space where YOU shine. Creating a space that embodies who you are and what you love. That is our passion here at Fig Leaf + Co. That is our purpose!


For Kelly's Reading Room we wanted to create a space that felt warm and cozy but also f.r.e.s.h. A place she could go to read a book, watch the sunrise, sip her coffee & journal. Although in the beginning, she claimed to have "no style" we quickly revealed that her style was that of a French Countryside. She loved the look of antiqued books with dainty, soft whites and pops of raw wood. Kelly's style was like cruising through the history rich countryside of France in a baby blue convertible. And I think she would agree, this room is JUST that! 


I hear people all the time talk about how they feel stuck with their space because they have c a r p e t. Here's a tip: area rugs COVER carpet too! That right, you heard it here. You don't have to pull up all the carpet in your home to get that farm-style look you're going for. You can cover carpet and add texture and brightness with RUGS! For Kelly's space I chose a chunky hand woven jute rug with a neutral color pallet. This created a gorgeous textured base on which we build the rest of her design. Plus, it perfectly accented our freshly painted soft grey walls. 

Kelly wanted this to be a space where she could come and unwind so I wanted to give her a lounge style chair that was big enough to R E L A X in but not so big it overtook the 10x10 room. We found this love seat in another area of Kelly's home that wasn't really being used and re-purposed it for this room. Never underestimate the power of a slip cover my friends - this love seat was dark brown but with the addition of a neutral slip cover it made the PERFECT reading chair for our space. Throw in some white, beige, and woven pillows and cuddle up with your coffee mugs. 


Another element that Kelly really wanted for her space was a place to journal and write. As you all well know by now, I am NOT a fan of spending my design budget frivolously. So when I started my hunt for the perfect antiqued white writing desk I quickly realized purchasing one of these babies was NOT going to be in my budget. So, I did what all good frugal shoppers do, I called my husband and two of our good friends and said "Y'all want to help me with a DIY?!" They all reluctantly obliged and the rest was history!  We picked up pretty much all the material we needed from Lowe's for a steal and got to work. Seth (my go-to wood guy) and Tyler (my hubby) did all the grunt work and then let Hope & I paint. After the paint dried we all took a few turns "antiquing" with some sand paper and then handed it over to the boys to finish up. I could not be more happy with the way BOTH of these pieces turned out & neither could Kelly.

Some bright white flowy curtains, a few old books, some antiqued metal and succulents and our tranquil reading room was finished! 


Happy Home-ing