The Art of 3

You know that feeling...

When you walk into the same room everyday and think to yourself “One day, I swear I am going to put something on this wall,” but in all honesty, you have ZERO idea what to put there? Well, I myself have been there multiple times. So today I wanted to share with y’all one of my fave “go-to’s” for quick & easy wall décor – I call it “The Art of 3.”

Three is one of my favorite numbers in design because it’s odd, ALL pun intended. Adding décor pieces like art, books, pillows, etc. in groups of three is a super easy trick to make your home look a step above the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the even numbers, but to me, switching things up by adding quirky groupings (3’s or even 5’s if you’re feeling risky) is always a fun way to spice up your home, especially when it comes to walls! My best advice for someone who is totally lost on what to do is this: keep it simple! Don’t stress over mapping out the perfect gallery wall (which I will definitely be blogging about later - stay tuned) or spend h o u r s searching for that budget-friendly piece of art that's just the right fit. Decorating your walls, whether they're large, medium or small, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Grouping canvases, prints or large photos in threes takes the "guess work" out of decorating that wall you just can’t seem to finish.        

Hit up your favorite décor spot (if you don’t have any, you can try one of my favorite’s linked below) and look for large prints or canvas’. You can mix and match to keep things fun, or keep it more modern by doing three identical pieces like I did in this all white office. If you strikeout finding something you LOVE, try it DIY style! Pick up three identical frames – white, raw wood, whatever you fancy, and fill them with prints of your own choosing. You can turn a totally drab room into something marvelous just by adding bright colors like this sassy giraffe painting by the incredibly talented Megan Carn (seriously, go buy everything on her site). Or, you can sweeten a harsher space with your choice of soft gentle prints. One of my favorite combos are animal prints – three silly faces of a monkey or three quirky animals in bowties, as seen below. The only “rule” at play with this little design DIY is that you make sure all three pieces are the same size. Other than that, your creative juices have full reign!

Click on the photos above to shop my fave looks.

Whatever style you choose, big print/canvas pieces grouped in threes can add such fun character to a room. Plus, the more playful the room, the more fun you can have with your three pieces! So be bold, be cozy, be quirky, but whatever you do, be you!


Happy Home-ing