Our Process


Renovations are overwhelming. We get it.


Renovations are overwhelming. We get it. Trying to find a property, finding your style, narrowing down a budget, dealing with contractors, and the list goes on. You can relax. Our team is here to help you sort through all the moving pieces and guide you through your project. From picking paint colors to figuring out which wall..or walls to knock down, we’re here every step of the way.  



Our first step is to get to know you. Preferably with a coffee in hand. We will learn more about your project, the direction you’re wanting to go, and begin mapping out a plan to accomplish your dream project.


Once we have an end goal in mind we will begin the design process. From mood boards, to sketches, to picking out furniture, and much more we will begin piecing together your vision. This is all about figuring out who you are and what makes your space unique to you.


Once our vision and timeline is in place, the fun begins. Our team will begin your project. Now you can sit back, enjoy that glass of wine, and watch your project come to life.