Top 3 Home Styles of the Upstate

One question we get A LOT around here is "What style is this house?". So today, we are talking the top 3 most popular home styles found throughout the upstate! I'll share how to spot them and which one is my absolute fave to work on for flips! Let's get started.

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Who Says April Has to Bring Showers...

Around here April showers bring Eucalyptus Facials 🌿 Well, they do at Organic Tan Face and Body at least - and trust me, you don't want to miss them while they’re here!

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Morning Creek Reno

With our #morningcreekproject in full reno mode, I wanted to share some mid-way design photos with y'all! We tore out the existing carpet and linoleum last week - Pro Tip: I would definitely recommend

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